002: Man, I really like this.

001: Haha, good that you like it. The concept is kind of wild, but in some ways the wild creates some seriously interesting potential.

002: Yea, I can see that. So what's it called?

001: Called ABF. Absolute Brain Fuck. Because you know... its an absolute brain fuck.

002: We gotta lean into it. ABF only works in absurdity.

001: 100%. Every feature/descision of ABF is designed to nurture the absurdity. No blockers to enjoying ABF. If you dare to, you deserve to.

No fees, no whitelist, no NFT access token. Just your wits, and the willpower to use it.

002: You think alot of people will use ABF?

001: Honestly, no clue the amount of people. But I know there will be people who love this stuff. It builds on the small-code movement, the on-chain art movement, and has the right meme-nomics.

I see it like an artisan, in wood, a wood worker. He or she uses powertools, a CNC to perform his/her craft. He or she is good at it. But say a client comes around and asks this wood worker to make a dining table.

The client has one constraint: "No powertools, just handtools".

There will be wood workers who hear that and shivers, and turn it down. But I believe there will be wood workers that hears that and is titillated.

"Hell yea" that wood worker would say. The challenge would not deter the passion to the craft. If anything, it brings a completely new dimension to it.

002: I like that metaphor. I see how ABF is that but for generative art.

001: Yea, you see these people in different fields. Gamers who master speed runs, developers only using ssh + vim, a car-mechanic working on restoring a car. Its about the craft, not just the product.

ABF is that but for all of NFTs. ABF is designed with so many layers of modularity + minimalism; it is capable of so many things.

With such potential, again, we can't block people. That's why its a hyperstructure. That's why we need to let a community organically develop.

002: The ABF Corps.

001: What?

002: Thats the name of the community, Corps like the Marine Corps, not corporation. A community about the comradery of collective brain-fucking.

001: I like that. The ABFC. "VIRES IN STRUCTURA". Strength in structures. ABF is a hyper-structure, but so will this community.

Ready to join the ABF Corps?